Crowdsourcing your community

Your community is probably filled with a lot of bright people. People that have all kinds of advice and cheap generic cialis cool tips on how to make your nonprofit more effective. But are you tapping your community as a resource?

llkggmousedown-target-element”>Daniel Dworkin, Associate Consultant, Stromberg Consulting wrote a great article cialis online pharmacy outlining some of the different online tools available to crowdsource information from your community.

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Tools of the Trade Tuesdays – FlockingME

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Twitter is a powerful real-time information tool but sometimes the enormity of tweets can be daunting. What if you only want to find out what your followers and talking about? Enter FlockingME. The handy little free TwitterTool allows you to discount viagra australia search your friends tweets, see where they are from, and even see trending topics.payday loans in laurinburg nc; payday loans greenwood

10 Ways to Green your Web Site

” height=”162″ />While many corporations are using the phrase “going green” as a marketing tool, your non profit can actually help save the environment by changing simple buy viagra lowest price canada aspects of your web site.

Mashable posted a great list of easy ways of greening your online presence. Below is a list of the top 10, but you can read the full article here.

1. Environmentally Friendly Web Hosting

2. Offset Your Carbon Usage

3. The 350 lbs. Project

4. Join 1% For the Planet

5. Offer Eco-Incentives to Subscribers

6. Encourage Green Lifestyle Changes

7. Simplify Your Design

8. Speed Up Your Site

9. Use Printer-Friendly Versions of Content

10. Consider Your Colors

full article.

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iPhone App Maker made easy

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Need an easy way of creating a quick iPhone app? There”s a site for that. Appmakr is a speedy way of turning your existing content on your site into an iPhone application.

The tool allows you to pull in content from a number of different sources including iTunes, RSS feeds, Twitter, YouTube to create a customized application for your users. Giving you the power to import multiple feeds is a huge plus. Imagine you are a local ASPCA and you want to create an iPhone app. You could pull in everything form the cialis +2 free viagra latest cute puppy video, to your Twitter feed alerting people when a new adoption is available.

See more about how the platform works advance sawmill rd payday paycheck loans