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Is Howard Stern an Environmental Activist???

Howard Stern might be the last person you would think about when it comes to getting the climate change debate right, but on his December 15th Sirius Satellite Radio Show, Stern viagra professional nailed the debate in under 5 minutes.

Referencing an article he read about Bolivian glaciers melting due to increasing temperatures, Stern is emphatic about  climate change being a result of man made pollutants.  Stern goes on to point out one of the key points about Copenhagen; that developing nations are among the first to get hit by the excess pollution of the developed world.

Listen to the exchange here:

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10 Ways to Green your Web Site

” height=”162″ />While many corporations are using the phrase “going green” as a marketing tool, your non profit can actually help save the environment by changing simple buy viagra lowest price canada aspects of your web site.

Mashable posted a great list of easy ways of greening your online presence. Below is a list of the top 10, but you can read the full article here.

1. Environmentally Friendly Web Hosting

2. Offset Your Carbon Usage

3. The 350 lbs. Project

4. Join 1% For the Planet

5. Offer Eco-Incentives to Subscribers

6. Encourage Green Lifestyle Changes

7. Simplify Your Design

8. Speed Up Your Site

9. Use Printer-Friendly Versions of Content

10. Consider Your Colors

full article.

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Google's Cloud Battles Deforestation

By combining satellite imagery with the power of cloud computing, Google is helping scientists identify where deforestation is occurring across the globe. According to a TechCrunch

2/10/google-deforestation-cloud/”>article, Google plans to release a prototype service free of charge that will use images from Google Earth to analyze changes in forestation across time.

The image [left], for instance, shows deforestation in Rondonia, Brazil over the last two decades, with recent activity in red. The red spots in the image below show deforestation hot spots in the past 30 days. Google is working in collaboration with scientists who have created software to analyze deforestation activity as seen through satellite imagery. But the desktop computers these scientists typically use can take days to run each analysis. By moving that approved viagra to more powerful computers in the cloud, Google can reduce that time to seconds while also making available literally petabytes of raw satellite imagery data. -TechCrunch

For more information checkout the official Google blog release.

One of the most effective ways to battle global warming would be to curb deforestation around the world. Google is t by combining satellite imagery from Google Earth with heavy computational analysis in the cloud. Studying satellite imagery can identify where deforestation is occurring, but serious analysis requires a lot of computational power to compare images over time and locate illegal deforestation activity before it is too late to do anything about it.accutane on line