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frequent and guest contributors include legacy media and digital media professionals and ninjas (see below). They could also be called, “experts,” but that would require being on cable news with that title below their name. Aren’t there enough “Senior Digital Media Twitter Buzzword” experts out there? You can trust them by the authority vested in this blog by…let’s say Technorati. Alternatively, just read it and let us know what you think.

Monkeys at Typewriters

Jason Wojciechowski photo

Jason Wojciechowski – Guide

I’ve worked in campaigning and digital media for a decade (I don’t know what that sentence means — except that I’m rooting for the Public Option big time!). I support NGOs and International Organizations as they navigate the murky waters of New Media. I like pie.
I’m Having: An Old-Fashioned
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Karina Brisby photo

Karina Brisby – Schemer

I have been hatching digital plans & ideas with people around the world on progressive solutions to some small & big problems, since the mid 90′s. I also normally beat Jason Wojciechowski at Wii Tennis.
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Amil Husain photo

Amil Husain – Tools and Assorted Goodies

I am new media pirate, ninjas are my mortal enemy. I’m passionate about giving nonprofits the right tools to do better in the online space, and also looting. Sorry I forgot pillaging, I do that really well too.
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Julie C. Roth photo

Julie C. Roth – UX and Content Strategist

I have been developing digital content, marketing, and strategies for corporations and nonprofits since 1997. I’ve been a Steeler fan all my life.
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Øistein Moskvil Thorsen photo

Øistein Moskvil Thorsen – NGO campaigner

I grew up in an NGO and have never lived more than 8 years in one place. Rootless or world citizen – take your pick. I’m a campaigner (whatever that means) who dabbles in documentary film making and is trying to get my head around the power and potential of new media.
I’m having: a double macchiato (with a dash of milk foam – not milk…)
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Ed Pomfret photo

Ed Pomfret – campaigner and activist

I’m a campaigner, social activist and digital drover. I’ve worked on environmental campaigns, including climate change and stopping destruction of ancient forests. Now I’m campaigning on conflict and humanitarian issues. I’m not representing an organisation here, just me.
I’m having: good beer and a single malt chaser
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