Social Media Cheat Sheet

Should your non-profit be on Linked-in, Flickr, and Facebook at the same time? With so many social networks it”s often difficult to determine which combination makes sense for your organization. where to buy levitra In cases like these, a little cheating is completely

fine. This viagra alternative Social Media Cheat Sheet goes over the pros and cons of using some of the major social networks. Download the pdf here.
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How Pretty is your WebSite?

Smashing Magazine is one of my favorite blogs for design news and opinions. It”s where you go if you are a buy tamoxifen citrate without a precription font geek canadian healthcare viagra or want to see what”s happening in the online design world. They recently posted a

really cool article reviewing some non-profit web sites from a design and usability point of view. Even a few sites like the Red Nose Day Campaign or the WWF, which have some of the best designs around got taken to task for a few design errors.

Checkout the article here.
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The Future of the Internet – What the thinkers think.

The Pew Research Center have released the fourth version of their ” The Future of the Internet” series, which is pulled together from surveys and questions  to  leading digital thinkers and  figures around the world.

This version of the report tackles questions like

  • Will Google make us stupid? Report says no
  • Will reading, writing and knowledge gathering be improved by the internet?  Yes, but there are concerns
  • Will innovation continue to catch us by surprise?   Boo! Yes, of course it will
  • Will information flow freely? Hope it will, but there will be flashpoints over control of the internet
  • Will anonymous online activity still exist?  Divided answers, with many agreeing it will be sharply curtailed.